X/Link EFT/ATM Switching is the component of our main engine called X/Link Switch. In Addition, X/Link EFT/ATM Switching also provides a very comprehensive features for ATM transaction processing including the support for: multiple ATM types and emulations, accounts, institutions, currencies and transactions.

Features of X/Link EFT/ATM Switching:

  • Card & Pin Management
  • Support Multiple Cards
  • Support Multiple Accounts
  • Flexible Limit Management
  • Card Production Work Flow
  • Support Multiple Transaction Type
  • Support Multiple Host/ Core Banking Application
  • Build in Complete Wizard and Simulator Tools
  • Maintain Log of All Transactions in Database
  • Multiple Communication Interfaces
  • GUI ATM Monitoring Tool
  • Open Account Relation
  • User Define Parameter
  • Encryption Services
  • 24 x 7 x 365
  • Triple DES
  • Build in Fee & Settlement Management


X/Link Middleware also known as Enterprise Application Integrator (EAI), manages all the transactions and messages traffics from any sources across applications and networks. X/Link Switch is the central hub for managing the transactions and messages then routed and switched among the applications.

The frame work of X/Link Switch:



In today's extremely competitive banking industries, customers demand convenience, personalization, security, low transaction cost and a proven commitment.

X/Link Mobile Banking enables our customers to perform any type of banking transactions at their fingertips with any mobile devices. With low TCO, X/Link Mobile Banking ensures that an investment in mobile banking is very flexible and strategic investment for the future.

With X/Link Mobile Banking, customers can accomplish the following transactions:

  • Balance Inquiry
  • Account Transfer
  • Transaction Notification
  • Bill Payment
  • Currency Information
  • Mini Account Statement
  • Product Information
  • Product Launching


X/LINK Biometric Identification System (BIS) is a large scale customizable biometric identification solution that enables organizations to perform accurate identifications of a person using various biometric technologies. 

Our robust high-performance solution is capable of matching millions of biometric templates per second. Whether you have several thousand people or tens of millions of people in your database, our scalable design helps organizations easily cope with growth overtime.

For more information about biometrics, you can download our PDF document: