PT. Metalogix Infolink Persada (known as X/LINK) has provided solutions to FSI and Telco Industry in Indonesia for more than 10 years.

Our customers apply X/Link solutions to:

  1. Manage & control wide range volume ATM and POS networks.
  2. Manage multi channel integration.
  3. Provide multi institutions bill payment.
  4. Perform inter device and inter office transactions.
  5. Establish new business opportunity (ASP) using our wireless solutions.
  6. Settle millions of daily electronic payment transactions.

We Offer an advanced infrastructure for connection and transaction process as well as operating broad ATM networking. In addition, we also structure and develop another transaction processing in other industries.

We have contributed to our customers a suite of integrated systems such as Wireless & Internet Financial Transaction Services, ATM Switching & Management, POS & Merchant Management Systems, Credit & Debit Card Systems as well as EAI.

There is a company profile document you can download:



Wireless technology has brought us closer to a better quality of life while providing invaluable comfort and privacy in mobility. Recent advancements in mobile technology have brought us to a new level of excitement that changes the way we do things daily. Powered by electronic payment services, millions of these mobile devices will turn into personal terminals, and conveniently allowing customers to execute secure personal electronic transactions at their fingertips anytime, anywhere.
NUNUNG HALIMChairman of PT Metalogix Infolink Persada


To help our clients leverage today and tomorrow IT in order to achieve their business objectives and to maintain high customers satisfaction.


To be the leading IT company in the region in providing best solutions.


Customers and our internal resources are the most valuable assets of the company. We always strive to meet and even exceed the needs of customers in services and qualities and retain a balance lifestyle that promotes productivity at work and personal life.



Many years of constant investment in research and development, have resulted in X/Link being one of today's companies of reference for EFT/ATM Switching, Middleware, Bill Payment System, Mobile Commerce, and Biometrics.

Through innovative and cutting edge R&D, X/Link offers clients unparalleled industry-expertise combines with a broader range of software solutions, greater implementation flexibility and lower TCO.