X/Link SDC 3222 for OpenPayment

Mar 10

Since 2004, X/Link has been working closely with VISA to serve VISA cardholder using SDC 8472. Now X/Link opens new SDC 3222 for its payment gateway services to serve those non VISA cardholder (e.g. Banks, Merchants, etc). Customers, Banks and other Merchants are encouraged to use shared short SMS Number 3222 to enable their electronic


X/Link JavaBanking launched for Eksekutif

Feb 01

Bank Eksekutif deploy new service called MobileBanking to their privileged customers. It is a very convenient technology that will uplift overall customer experience in mobility banking. Using X/Link’s Java Mobile technology, MobileBanking is a very secure ways to do transactions. Customers will be protected in 3 layers of security. First, customers are protected as there


X/Link deliver 3345 SMS Banking for Eksekutif

Sep 19

Bank Eksekutif launched SMS Banking service for their customers. The SMS code number is 3345. Service is developed by X/Link teams and managed by X/Link Service Provider. Currently 3345 valid only for Telkomsel subscriber, but soon will be extended to other cellular operator as well.


Bank Eksekutif awards X/Link for Payment Service

Jul 19

X/Link enabled Bank Eksekutif to service their customer for Telkomsel’s Halo payment and purchase Telkomsel’s Simpati and AS products through all their e-Banking channel. It has been a valuable deals between Bank Eksekutif and X/Link. Services will continually added and upgraded for Bank Eksekutif’s customers through co-operation with X/Link. Starting with Telkomsel, soon Bank Eksekutif

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