PT POS service XL customer through X/Link

Sep 29

PT POS Indonesia launched XL products over their online counter. Now XL customers can be served by over than 2000 PT POS Indonesia outlets. X/Link delivers this services through its Bank Aggregator agreement with Excelcomindo granted couple months ago. Services enabled are payment of XPLOR bills and purchase of BEBAS and JEMPOL prepaid products. The


PT POS re-launch Telkomsel Prepaid service

Sep 29

PT POS Indonesia relaunched Telkomsel Prepaid service over their counter after stopped for some time. X/Link enables PT POS Indonesia to re-service Telkomsel’s SIMPATI and AS product through X/Link advanced technology and service commitment. X/Link carefully overcome all obstacles and re-enables PT POS for Telkomsel’s product. It will be a very good business opportunity for


VISA promotes 8472

Aug 15

VISA promotes 8472 SMS code for VISA cellular topup service. Backed by X/Link system and all major Cellular Operator (Telkomsel, XL, Fren, Esia and Indosat), VISA launches many road banners mostly placed over those high-traffic main roads. VISA is committed to keep promoting and educating community about conveniences to use VISA 8472 for transactions, starting


Excelcomindo awards X/Link Bank Aggregator

Jul 28

We are at X/Link very proud to announce that Excelcomindo has awarded X/Link one very big opportunity to serve Banking community as Bank Aggregator. Through this agreement, X/Link now can serve Banks to pay XPLOR postpaid bills or sells BEBAS and JEMPOL topup on all Bank’s electronic channel. Through this co-operation, we at X/Link believe

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