X/Link JavaBanking launched for Eksekutif

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Bank Eksekutif deploy new service called MobileBanking to their privileged customers. It is a very convenient technology that will uplift overall customer experience in mobility banking. Using X/Link's Java Mobile technology, MobileBanking is a very secure ways to do transactions. Customers will be protected in 3 layers of security.

First, customers are protected as there is no single PIN is transmitted through network - PIN is not recorded anywhere, not in Banking system, not either in MobileBanking application. PIN is only in customer's memory. Second, all transmitted data is in encrypted format. Every single MobileBanking installation is unique, only customer's on hand application can open the transmitted data from Banking System. Third, all transactions is delivered in realtime, no such store and forward. Customers can be assured either their transaction is executed immediately or failed totally.

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